Step one

Selecting an Agent

“Do you need a real estate professional to help find a home”? The answer is “Yes”. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a veteran to this process, choosing a realtor is the first correct step to the process. The right person can help make this a smooth transition and guide you wisely through the home buying process. This is an exciting time, find someone who will enhance the execution. Talk to friends, family, neighbors, or other associated professionals related to the real estate industry. You may find a wonderful referral recommendation from someone you know and trust. Check out the internet, whose name keeps appearing on home buying sites due to their marketing efforts of themselves. Statistically, Eighty- seven percent of buyers purchase a home using a real estate professional. There will be many real estate agents vying for that privilege. Do your research and select the best person for you.

Step two


Great, you’ve selected a Realtor. Your realtor’s first suggestion will be speaking with a lender to accurately estimate your buying power. Factors and questions to consider with the lender is to closely look at the interest rates, closing costs, down payment and loan availability. Your lending institution can provide you with a pre-qualification letter that demonstrates how much house you can afford. Managing your credit score ahead of purchasing a home will give you leverage. This means making sure your monthly bills are paid on time and avoid too many credit card purchases. Monitoring your score ahead of your purchase will make your mortgage approval process go smoothly.



Step three

Location & Neighbors

“Location, Location, Location”.

How many times have you heard that statement? It is the most important factor when buying real estate. Location does matter. Even the location inside the neighborhood will have impact on your home’s value. Communicate and work with your Realtor to establish your wants, needs and desires in searching for your new residence. This list will reflect your lifestyle, budget, and future-plans. Whatever style it may be, your Realtor will search in finding your dream home.

Step four

Due Diligence

This is a very important process. Take this time to investigate all aspects of a property. You want the home to be in tip-top shape to safeguard your investment. This allows you the opportunity to fully look for costly problems that may arise after you move in. Hiring a home inspector, whether purchasing a resale home or new construction, will be most valuable. If defects are detected, you have time to negotiate with the seller to have them repair the problem or renegotiate the price.



Step five

Close/After Care

The close: Congratulations, you’re closing on your dream home! This is the final step before becoming the official owner. Your Realtor will present closing documents for review prior to closing, allowing you to check for accuracy. Your Realtor will also provide a short checklist of items needed to bring closing day, so come prepared. The nerves and excitement have probably taken over, so lean heavy on your expert Realtor and Loan Officer for any questions or explanation. Once the signing of documents is complete, the keys to your new home are yours! After Care: Your Realtor is there to help with most anything. Use their resource knowledge to hire reputable vendors for the moving process. Realtors surround themselves with the best professionals. Ask the Realtor for reference names and phone numbers.

It’s all happened……You’ve done it! After all the components of the home buying process – negotiations, appraisals, inspection, insurance, closing documents – You’re finally HOME!!

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